Caregiver Brochure

Caregiver Brochure

Download this brochure to learn more about neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) plexiform neurofibromas (PN) and treatment with Koselugo.

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Treatment Journey

Treatment Journey Tracker

Download this booklet to record your child’s treatment and write down notes about their treatment so you can discuss them with your child’s doctor at their next appointment.


NF1 Plexiform Neurofibroma Symptom Guide for Caregivers

Symptom Guide for Caregivers

Learn about signs of symptomatic plexiform neurofibromas (PN) to look out for in your child, so you can talk to your child’s doctor if you notice anything similar.


KOSELUGO Information Guide

Koselugo Information Guide

Download this guide to learn more about NF1 PN and Koselugo; talk to your doctor to see if Koselugo is right for your child.



Cooper’s Story Cooper’s Story


Meet Cooper and his family

Cooper is an 8-year-old boy who is living with NF1 plexiform neurofibromas. Listen to his family share their experiences in an early access program and learn how they currently manage his treatment with Koselugo.

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The following organizations can help you connect with the NF1 community and learn valuable information about the disease

Children’s Tumor Foundation Logo

The mission of the Children's Tumor Foundation is to drive research, expand knowledge, and advance care of the NF community.

NF Logo

Visit the Neurofibromatosis Network website to discover news about treatment and their work toward a neurofibromatosis cure. They provide outreach through education and awareness, while offering hope and support to those affected by NF.

Littlest Logo

The Littlest Tumor Foundation is focused on increasing the understanding of neurofibromatosis (NF), empowering affected families, and advancing research of preventative therapies.


Clinical study: Clinical studies are research studies that evaluate potential medicines by testing them in a group of people. They are the primary way researchers determine the safety and efficacy of potential treatment.

Efficacy: The ability of a medication to produce a desired, beneficial outcome. In a clinical study, the efficacy of a drug is evaluated in patients.

FDA: This is the abbreviation for the Food and Drug Administration, which is the federal agency of the United States responsible for supervising the development and approval of prescription medications.

Geneticist: A scientist who has special training in the study of genes and heredity (the passing of genetic information from parents to their children). A medical geneticist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating genetic disorders or conditions.

MRI: A magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) produces an image of the body using a strong magnet and radio waves. An MRI can help your child’s doctor identify plexiform neurofibromas and can also help them see if your child is responding to treatment.

Neurologist: A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the nervous system. The nervous system is made of 2 parts: the brain, and the spinal column and nerves. Neurologists may treat NF1 PN (which is a noncancerous tumor of the nerves).

NF1 (neurofibromatosis type 1): NF1 is a rare progressive condition caused by a mutation or flaw in a particular gene. NF1 is usually diagnosed in childhood. It appears in an estimated 1 out of every 3000 infants.

Oncologist: An oncologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating cancerous and noncancerous tumors. They are usually part of the healthcare team that treats patients with NF1 PN.

PN (plexiform neurofibromas): Benign (noncancerous) tumors that grow along a nerve. Plexiform neurofibromas can develop anywhere in the body, and their size can vary from small to large.

Side effects: Also called adverse events, they are unwanted reactions that happen as a result of taking a medication.

Tumor reduction: Describes what happens when the size of a tumor gets smaller. Plexiform neurofibromas (PN) are tumors.

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